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    Press Conference Transcript Empty Press Conference Transcript

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    Ralph: It is with great pleasure that I would like to introduce our new head coach, Tim Kay.

    Kay: Thanks for the intro. Being a D-1 head coach has always been a dream and I am excited to begin working to put EMU back on the map. We will be a team that recruits not only the best players in Michigan, but the best players around the Midwest with some from the hotbeds of Florida, Texas and California. I can't wait to get out and begin recruiting the players for our systems. I will open it up for questions now.

    Question #1: What type of systems will you be bringing to EMU?

    Kay: We will be multiple in everything we do. On offense, I want teams to have to prepare for a power running game and a spread offense. Defensively, we must stop the run. Everything begins with the ability to slow teams from running and making them put the ball in the air. Specifically, we will utilize a 5-2 defense against most teams. This scheme requires us to find ends that can play both standing up and with a hand on the ground.

    Question #2: EMU has spit out a lot of coaches who have failed to have success. What makes you different?

    Kay: I don't know why the other coaches have failed, but I know why I am going to succeed. I bring a tireless work ethic and will get after you in recruiting. I will also trust the coaches I bring in to teach and grow our football players both on and off the field. I also have recruiting contacts from working with Mark Dantonio at both Cincinnati and Michigan State and from my days at Syracuse, I have a few contacts in New Jersey.

    Question #3: What is your recruiting strategy positionwise?

    Kay: Well, we will recruit speed primarily. We need a certain level of speed from our players to play the styles we like to play both offensively and defensively. At QB, we need a player that is either a scrambler or a pocket passer. We need them to be able to make every throw and to not be intimidated by D1 crowds. At tailback and receiver, we need to be fast. All there is to it. On the offensive line, we need to be big and intimidating so that we can run our power running game. Defensively, it's all about speed and athleticism everywhere. We will build our defense like an SEC defense.

    Question #4: What about where you will recruit?

    Kay: We will recruit where the players are. As we start out, we are going to bump heads with a lot of teams in Michigan as we attempt to defend our home turf. We must keep players in state and then get them to come to EMU. We will lose some battles to the Michigans, Ohio States and Michigan States, but we must not lose many battles within the conference.

    Thanks for the questions everyone. I am going to run and begin evaluating the tape of what we have returning and sizing up what we must do on the recruiting trail.

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